Comparing TV Brands

Most people who want to buy a television for their entertainment purposes are confused with the choices of plasma or LCD or LED. This could lead to a lot of confusion in the mind of the customer. We will compare plasma, LCD LED TVs, which will help you make an informed choice.

There is already a debate among customers, as to which technology, offers better viewing facilities. The technologies used in these TVs are similar yet distinct and competitive.

Before you buy a TV or other consumer electronics product you must bear in mind not only the purchase price of the product but additionally the probability of it going faulty, the features and the performance, and the life expectancy of the product.

Cheap unbranded LCD TVs and cheap unbranded plasma televisions that are manufactured by anonymous manufacturers may appear to be excellent value for money. Generally they are sold at lower prices than the equivalent sized models from reputable known brands such as JVC, LG, Hitachi, Philips, Panasonic, Pioneer, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba and Sharp. The specification that they offer may seem the same to the main brands of televisions and often the styling isnt dissimilar.

Why are non-branded TVs so cheap?

Evidently when you purchase a known brand of Television you are paying a premium for the brand, which you dont do on the unknown brand cheaper TVs. However is this the only difference?

Often the cheaper LCD televisions and the cheaper Plasma TVs are imported into the UK from factories in Eastern Europe and China and are distributed by unknown importers that dont have the infrastructure in the UK that the main TV brands have. This may well seem like a good thing because it keeps the costs down.

The manufacturers of unbranded cheap televisions dont have the same incentive to safeguard their televisions from being unreliable or poor quality. It doesnt matter to them if the TVs are unreliable or if they last for 4 years or 7years. Ultimately you wont be able to find out which factory manufactured the television, so you wont be able to avoid it in the future if you purchase an unreliable Television.

The likelihood of cheap televisions from unknown manufacturers going faulty are greater for the reason that they dont operate the same stringent levels of quality control that the top brands do. So the probability that the unbranded cheap TV will go faulty from new, either directly out of the box, or once, or even more than once in the first year is far greater than for the quality known brands of televisions.

The circuit design and internal components on unknown cheap TV brands are not of the same quality as the main brands of TVs, yet again increasing the likelihood of the TV going faulty. Reliability surveys carried out by the consumer magazine Which have repeatedly found that Television brands such as Panasonic and Sony consistently out perform the cheaper unknown cheap TV brands.
The cheaper brands of TVs arent as reliable and dont have the same specification and performance as recognized brands such as Toshiba, Panasonic, Sony, JVC, Pioneer, Philip, Hitachi, LG etc. For the small premium that main brand televisions sell for over cheaper unheard of and poorly supported cheap Television brands, it isnt worth purchasing the cheaper ones because you will probably pay more in the long run – Especially if you divide the price difference over the life of the Television. In fact in all probability the cheaper TVs are more costly after all factors are considered. So purchase a known main brand of TV and save money in the long run.


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